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Representations of the Virgin in Byzantine Art.

Benaki Museum , Athens, Greece
An inspiring collection of icons and devotional objects of the Mother of God brought together at the Benaki Museum in Athens published in honor of the 2000 years of Christianity. The Benaki Museum has the finest collection of Byzantine Art in the world, outside of the Holy Mountain Athos. Order from the Skira Byzantine Art.
An aesthetic, historical and theological approach to the icons of the Orthodox Church in the form of questions and answers. Accompanied by numerous full-color reproductions of panel icons and frescoes, this is an excellent "catechism" on iconography for the layman. Excellent glossary and bibliography. $35.00 http://www.orthodoxpress.org/catalog/icons.htm

Author: Mahmoud Zibawi
For those who love icons and who would love to know more about their history and the art itself, this book will prove a real treasure. Featuring pages of illustrations and photographs, 96 in full color, the book relates a wealth of information on iconography and iconographers, and on their relationship to Church and State. Includes a selected bibliography, a chronological reference chart, a list of museums featuring iconography, and a glossary of terms.

Guide to Byzantine Iconography, V. 1

by Dr. Constantine Cavarnos
A masterful introduction to our Holy Iconography written by a devout, believing Orthodox Christian. This is a must for anyone's library who loves Holy Icons. A detailed explanation of the characteristics of Byzantine iconography. This first volume treats the chief doctrinal, liturgical and festal icons with great insight. Numerous illustrations, including frescoes, mosaics and panel icons from various times. $20.00


by Constantine Cavarnos. Detailed, illustrated explanation of ten major icons of the Festal Cycle, iconography of God, the Theotokos, St. John the Baptist and the Angels. Also includes illuminating remarks by St. Nectarios and Photios Kontoglou on "types" and "archetypes." $20.00


BYZANTINE WALL PAINTINGS IN RETHYMNON By Ioannis Spatharakis Mitos/1997/soft cover 130 color icons with the best wall paintings from 58 Byzantine churches in Rethimno, Grete, Greece


By Liz James.
This is the first book to investigate the place of color in Byzantine art. By engaging the issue on both a tecnical level - how colors were made, what colors were available - and a perceptual level - how these colors were seen and described - James offers a new approach to the study of color in art history. Including sixty-four color illustrations, most never before published,64 color plates. 176pp $115.00 Paper (Oxford University Press)

The Art of the Icon

A Theology of Beauty
< Author: Paul Evdokimov
This book first presents the biblical and patristic vision of beauty, and then applies it to contemporary movements in art. Next, he writes a theology of the icon from a personal point of view and in the context of the Orthodox Church. Finally, Evdokimov includes a section and commentaries on 10 icons -- from Rublev's Holy Trinity to the Novgorodian Angel.
Painting the Soul: Icons, Death Masks, and Shrouds

(Essays in Art and Culture)
by Robin Cormack.
Painting the Soul explores both the creation and the development of the icon, and looks in detail at the Turin Shroud, Fayyum portraits from Egypt, and the early works of El Greco in Crete. This beautifully illustrated book shows how the study of the icon can transform our understanding of European art and culture. Publication coincides with a major exhibition of Byzantine art at the Met in New York,from March to July 1997.
Greek Icons: 14Th-18th Century the Rena Andreadis Collection

by Anastasia Drandaki, John Avgherinos
The Rena Andreadis icon collection is one of the best known private collections of its kind.
It contains Greek icons ranging from the 14th to the 18th century,
covering a wide geographical area from Constantinople and mainland Greece to Crete and the Ionian islands.
Icon and Devotion: Sacred Spaces in Imperial Russia

by O. Iu Tarasov, Oleg Tarasov, R. R. Milner-Gulland
In this novel study of the history of Russian icons, Oleg Tarasov looks in detail at a range of fascinating issues,
from the sacred meanings of such images to practical questions of how and why they were made.
The Meaning of Icons

Leonid Ouspensky and Vladimir Lossky Price: $44.95 The classic work on the techniques, language and interpretation of icons in the context of theology and faith. Commentary and analysis of the main types of icons. Lavishly illustrated, with 160 pages of text with drawings, 13 black and white and 51 color plates.
Praying with the Icons

Description:Fascinating and beautiful, Praying with Icons offers a simple introduction to the tradition of icons with special emphasis on their function in spiritual life. Beginning with a history of iconography, author Jim Forest shows how icons are not "art" in the usual sense, but aids to contemplation and prayer, windows on the divine. He provides a personal and practical guide to how one prays with icons.
Ponder These Things: Praying With Icons of the Virgin

by Rowan Williams
This beautifully illustrated new book invites modern-day pilgrims and people of prayer to think about some of the different ways in which Mary is regularly portrayed in the art of Eastern Christianity.
The Dwelling of the Light: Praying With Icons of Christ

by Rowan Williams
The Dwelling of the Light: Praying with Icons of Christ'
is a companion volume to
'Ponder These Things: Praying with Icons of the Virgin',
a recent book by Rowan Williams, now Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Glenstal Book of Icons: Praying With the Glenstal Icons

by Gregory Collins
This bookpresents diverse prayers and meditations on various icons from St John's Abbey's Byzantine chapel.
Full-color photographs of the icons themselves (which in the monastic practice of lectio divina are seen as "texts" prompting meditation on Christian mysteries),
as well as an extensive and erudite commentary on the practice of praying with these classic works of art and faith,
make The Glenstal Book of Icons the next best thing to personally visiting the abbey to view these venerated icons on location.
The Resurrection and the Icon

by Michel Quenot
This is a perfect handbook for the lay person who wishes to know more about icons and their meaning. He explains the history of icons and then goes on to discuss the theological meaning of specific icons in terms of the theology of the Incarnation and the Resurrection.
The Icon: Window on the Kingdom

by Michel Quenot
Translated from the French and already published in eight languages,
The Icon: Window on the Kingdom includes 33 color photos and 34 black and white illustrations.
The book covers historical sources, theological and biblical foundations,
iconographic themes, and the icon's role in the life of believers.
The Icon: Image of the Invisible

Egon Sendler
A comprehensive study of the theology and history of the icon, its aesthetics and techniques. Technical details and preparations, from pigment colors to selection of wood. Includes specifics about Greek and Russian techniques of the Middle Ages and calligraphy. For the experienced iconographer and the neophyte. More than 100 color and black and white photographs.
Festival Icons for the Christian Year

Author: John Baggley
The Christian year is full of great feasts, such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. Beautifully illustrated with color plates, Festival Icons for the Christian Year introduces the general to the important icons of the Orthodox Church associated with these major festiv also, accompanied by words of prayer and liturgy.
The Icons of Their Bodies

by Henry Maguire
The Byzantines surrounded themselves with their saints, invisible but constant companions, who were made visible by dreams, visions, and art. The purpose of this book is to analyze the logic of the saint's image in Byzantium, both in portraits and in narrative scenes. The overall purpose of the book is to provide a new view of Byzantine art, one that integrates formal analysis with both theology and social history.
Sacred Doorways: A Beginner's Guide to Icons

by Linette Martin
Many appreciate and admire icons while failing to understand them, which isn't surprising because iconography is a complex subject with thousands of years of history. Martin aims to increase understanding of what icons convey. She defines icon and describes an icon's purpose.

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The Cretan Painter Theophanis.
Manolis Chatzidakis. Price: $121.00
The last phase of the art of the famous iconographer as expressed on the frescoes of Stavronikita Monastery on Mt. Athos. Chapters include: Theological Introduction, by Archimandrite Vasilios, Abbot of the Monastery; The Cretan Painter Theophanis, by Manolis Hadzidakis, Academician (a full-length study); The Wall-Paintings, 223 color-plates which reproduce all the mural decoration executed by Theophanis. Architectural plans of the areas painted and the iconographic program are included. This is a large-format book, measuring 9 3/4" x 12 1/4", with 328 pages in a clothbinding, with a full-color dust-wrapper. 328pp

Greek Art: Byzantine Mosaics.
Nano Chatzidakis. Publisher: Ekdotike Athenon ISBN: 9602133147 Binding: Hardcover. Price: $119.50
The author, a professor at the University of Ioannina, discusses the origins, the uses and the sphere of influence of mosaics and embarks on a historical examination of the Byzantine mosaics by period from the foundation of Constantinople to its capture by the Turks through 208 color photos each with a description and commentary. 208 color plates
Icons of Cyprus.

Athanasios Papageorghiou. Publisher: The Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus
A hundred and fifty-three full page color reproduced icons comprise the heart of this large beautiful volume, one of the few on the subject of icon painting in Cyprus. Icons of all six periods of the history of iconography in Cyprus are presented: From the Early Byzantine period (4th-7th centuries) to the period of the Turkish Occupation (1570-1878). Bibliography and glossary. 153 color pictures. 222 pp. 24.5x32 cm

Icons of the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator.

Stelios Papadopoulos. Publisher: Holy Monastery of Pantokrator ISBN: 9608625807 Binding: Hardcover. Price: $128.80
This is the first book to cover the history and the noteworthy icons of the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator from the 13th through 19th centuries. The Pantokrator Monastery is one of the seven major Athonite monasteries which were founded or revived in the second half of the 14th or early 15th century. Bibliography. 191 color illustrations. Hard bound with protective case. 376 pp. 24 x 32 cm

A publication with a strictly specialized content, it presents Byzantine Decorative Art in a careful and conscientious selection by Petros Vaboulis, one of our most distinguished contemporary iconographers, student of the great master, Fotis Kontoglou, and perpetuator of his school. Exceptional work of Byzantine art. Hard cover. Cassetine. Hundreds of designs and colour illustrations. $200.00. Greek and English edition combined.
The Painter's Manual of Dionysius of Fourna,

by Peter Hetherington This book has old recipes according to the Greek icon-writing technique.
An Iconographer's Sketchbook: The Tulin Collection

Gregory Melnick
A supplement to "An Iconographer's Patternbook", these sketchbooks were originally published in the 19th century from ancient originals.
They contain patterns and figures, after classic and traditional models,
including many patterns of Christ and Mary and drawings of saints of the Orthodox Church.
The Iconographer's Patternbook: The Stroganov Tradition,

Fr. Christopher P. Kelley, translator
This book has good general information on vestments. It follows the Church calendar month by month and has patterns for many of the feast days and lots of patterns of rows of saints and clergy
The Icon Painter's Notebook: The Bolshakov Edition,

Gregory Melnick ,translator
This one has fewer but larger patterns of several scenes from Genesis and the Gospels. The first part of the book has descriptions for the icons of the entire Church calendar year. The descriptions explain the colors of the clothes of each person on the icon, the type of beard a particular saint has, and many more details.
The Practice of Tempera Painting

Daniel V. Thompson Jr.
This book describes in detail the tempera painting technique used by Cennino Cennini a Rennaissance Florentine artist. It discusses grounds, drawing, metal leafing, pigments, and other supplies, painting and varnishing.
The Technique of Icon Painting

by Guillem Ramos-Poqui
This is a good resource for someone who would like to know more about how to paint icons in the Russian style. There are beautiful photos of many icons, along with step-by-step instructions on how to paint them.
The Luminous Brush

by Altoon Sultan
This guide examines the use of egg tempera to achieve luminous effects in painting. Complete with step-by-step photographs,
the book illustrates all stages of preparation, development and completing of paintings and discusses issues of light, colour and form.

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