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  JUNE 2 - JUNE 23, 2012
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  • Churches, museums, or organizations are welcome to sponsor a workshop for beginners. Normally, the fee is $750 per person plus $100 for supplies for a 5-days workshop, but special group arrangements can be made, which will result in a much lower fee.

  • Workshops can last 3 or 5 days. The artist can travel to your location to teach the class. Special arrangements should be made at least  three months in advance. If you need to discuss the details,  contact the artist.

Please note that Vivian is one of the very few iconographer in the United States who teaches the Byzantine icon painting technique.

The Workshop                                                                                                  lasts for five subsequent days. Each participant will create an icon using the traditional Byzantine technique of egg-tempera and 23K gold leaf. Student will practice the oil gilding technique. The participants will be guided towards discovery of the secrets of the ancient technique of icon painting so that they will reach a more complete understanding and appreciation of this art.

Previous experience is not required but any art background can be very helpful. Students who have no icon painting experience are advised to practice basic drawings skills (recommended for all) and draw straight lines with a brush and the help of a stick. Also, please visit the   Iconography Book References to find a nice selection of books.

Students will concentrate on the flesh parts, hair, garments and background as well as color mixing, and basic drawing.

All participants will do the same icon, with Vivian demonstrating throughout the different stages of building up colors in egg tempera on a previously prepared gessoed board. At the end, everyone will leave with a finished icon.

Workshop participants should expect to spend five full days in class starting at 9am and finish around 5:00pm. Detailed workshop schedule will be mailed to registered students.

There are places for ten participants.

The cost
The cost for the teaching is $750 plus $100 for supplies (gessoed panel, set of pigments, brushes and four sheets of 23K gold leaf. The participants are welcome to buy the supplies themselves or if you are totally new to the world of iconography, Vivian will gladly order the supplies for you. Supply list and online resources will be provided upon request.

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