A Commissioned Icon is an eternal gift to your Church, one that will last for centuries and cherished by the entire community. You can make such a gift individually, with a group of parishioners, or in coordination with your church. There is no limit to the size or shape or decorative elements.  The icon is tailored to your specifications.

For churches, original commissioned icons can be reproduced in limited edition quantity and can be sold and used to finance the creation of the original commissioned work.

Prices vary according to complexity, subject matter and size. Themes can range in complexity from Single Figures, to Multiple Figure, to Feasts, or Complex Scenes.

At the actual commencement of work, the client will be sent an invoice, at which time, a deposit of one third or half of the total amount is due. This deposit covers the expenses of preliminary work and materials, and is not refundable. Special payment arrangements can be made upon request.

The second installment is due upon completion or upon delivery.  Packing, insurance and shipping are extra and will be billed separately.

Creating an original icon to specifications is a lengthy process, which normally takes between 3-8 months.


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